Meet Our Chefs!
Adlah Alsharhan and Badr Fayez

A traditional hot mezze dish consisting of chickpeas simmered in a hot and flavorful broth, Balila is our Middle Eastern inspiration for our new LA start-up: 'Bowlila'. We enhance this classic dish by creating flavorful balila's that are inspired by different regions around the world, including Asian, Caribbean and European cultures. We have a little bit of Everything for Everyone without any sacrifice of flavor...or edible beauty! 

With their extensive culinary knowledge and experience with international flavors, both Adlah and Badr put their knives and forks (or sporks, whichever you prefer to enjoy your Bowlila with) to the cutting board and to the bowl to chef up some good eating in West LA/Santa Monica. Our menu is completely plant based, and almost everything is gluten free...not to mention DELICIOUS! 

From our team to your tummy, We are determined to please your taste buds and keep you coming back for more! 

...And who doesn't love our ChickPeeps? They're so much fun to hang with!